About Us

The Overton Window was born out of frustration at the failure of mainstream media to represent the interests of ordinary working people by challenging authority, rather than being subservient to it. When “journalists” stop questioning the prevailing state narrative and act merely as stenographers to power, an independent media is required and the Overton Window hopes to be a small part of that growing movement.

The Need for Independent Media

Particularly since the 1980s and the eras of Reagan and Thatcher, private and corporate wealth has saturated political parties and media on both sides of the Atlantic. Part of this legacy has been the ongoing concentration of ownership of the press into the hands of an ever-shrinking number of oligarchs.

This blog intends to join the rise of independent media taking shape in both the UK and the US, providing a tonic to the bitter taste of the propaganda of the powerful elites who control the mainstream media.

We focus primarily on UK/US politics, with a particular focus on economics, inequality, political polarisation, the rise of nationalism and the obfuscation and censorship being perpetrated by nation states in order to hide from the truth.


TOW takes inspiration from people/organisations like the Jimmy Dore Show, the Canary, Secular Talk (Kyle Kulinski), The Trews (Russell Brand), Professor Mark Blyth, Yanis Varoufakis, Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp, Matt Dillahunty and many more.

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