The Joke is Over: Boris Johnson Must Resign or be Fired

Boris Johnson is a bigot and a liar protected by his carefully managed veneer of comedy gaffes and he has no place representing the people of the United Kingdom on the international stage. His latest lies have gone too far. Johnson’s protective facade of apologetic poshness and his role as a Prince Philip-cum-Hugh Grant parody just isn’t doing it anymore.

When you grew up at Eaton alongside David Cameron and Gideon Osborne, perhaps it’s hard to empathise with people from other walks of life, especially when you’re daydreaming about wintering on the Libyan coast once the bodies have been cleared away. But for those us whose thoughts go beyond the maintenance of the status quo, we are able to recognise each and every one of Boris’ oral slips and trips as unacceptable, even as the mainstream media treat us to a sanitised review as if it were all a joke which BoJo was in on from the beginning; that is when they aren’t talking about the latest Kim/Kanye storyline, #dramz.

Each controversy rolls off Boris’ back more easily than the words that caused it rolled off his tongue, but it’s not funny anymore.

Previous Debacles

Boris Johnson appears to have more lives than Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat, he has previously:

  • Stated that Barack Obama had an “ancestral dislike” of Britain due to his part-Kenyan heritage (Kenya being a former British colony);
  • Referred to black people in general as “pickaninnies” and “tribal warriors” with “watermelon smiles“;
  • Spoke with excitement about how Lybian city of Sirte will make a perfect coastal holiday destination for Tory millionaire donors to invest in after it has fallen and the bodies have been cleared;
  • Misspoke about the nature of British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s visit to Iran, causing her to potentially be locked up for longer;
  • Compared the EU’s goals to that of Hitler;
  • Bragged about whisky exports to Sikhs at a temple in Bristol;
  • Wrote a poem about the Turkish leader having sex with a goat, (which, although hilarious, is not the kind of serious work a Foreign Secretary should be doing in fostering good relations);
  • Referred to people from Papua New Guinea as cannibals;

Some of these acts individually mandate a resignation, but Boris has been able to cling to his position in the Tory front-benches regardless.

Absolutely Categorical

Funnily enough, the latest lie by Boris has been exposed by his own apparent source. The Foreign Secretary said during a German TV interview subsequently aired on the BBC in March, that he was told by “people from Porton Down” that “there is no doubt” that Russia was the source of this nerve agent, apparently they were “absolutely categorical“.

Since then, Porton Down’s chief executive has given an interview on Sky News stating the exact opposite: they have not been able to identify the origin of the nerve agent.

To put this into context, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom has on live television made demonstrably false claims about another nuclear power’s responsibility for a murder still being investigated by the police who have not yet confirmed they even have any suspects.

If this is not at least gross negligence from Boris, then what is?

This is completely unacceptable behaviour for anyone in any form of public office, not least the person in charge of international diplomacy, who is now continuing to orchestrate a new cold war against Russia without providing any evidence whatsoever.

Since he has been caught in a lie, his response appears to be to post an entry into the “Most Ridiculous Corbyn Smear 2018” competition, by claiming that Corbyn is the Kremlin’s “useful idiot” for having the temerity to ask for evidence before indirectly accusing a nuclear power of state-sponsored murder on foreign soil.

Toeing the Party Line

Of course, the Government weren’t necessarily lying when they said repeatedly that the novichok used was “of a type developed by Russia”, but they have not been able to demonstrate in any way that Russia is responsible for the attack in Salisbury, where a “military grade” nerve agent of such deadly force was unleashed, killing a total of zero people.

As well as Porton Down pouring cold water on the Government’s claims, leading professor of Organic Chemistry at Cornell University, David Collum has exposed the fact that even some of his students could make this nerve agent and anyone who says that it must have been developed by Russia is a “complete and utter liar“.

The only difference between Boris and the rest of the Tories, (as well as the shameless Labour MPs who signed an Early Day Motion condemning Russia before a single investigation had been concluded) is that he deviated from the agreed script.

We need a change of government, but for now, we will have to settle for a change in Foreign Secretary. A man with a list of blunders as long as your arm is not fit to be our leading diplomat; it is time for Boris to bog off.


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