Welcome to the Overton Window

Hello and thank you for entering The Overton Window, a new blog hoping to offer a fresh perspective on current affairs and politics in this “post-truth” era, challenging the mainstream media narrative in a neutral way, with a particular focus on economic, social and foreign policy issues.


This blog will primarily focus on US and UK politics, with a particular attention on the apathy of the masses and the continuing trend towards political polarisation, the rise of nationalism and the accompanying decline of the traditional centre-left as a political force.

TOW believes that we are witnessing the death throes of the current brand of capitalism and that neo-liberal/neo-con politicians and their supporters have run out of legitimate arguments with which to defend their political ideology and so instead are utilising the idea of “fake news” and alleged Russian campaign meddling to legitimise a new approach to holding back the unstoppable tide of change: censorship of all critical voices.

TOW will attempt to fight against this by elucidating the inherent flaws in clamping down on the rights of those with which you disagree. The right for people to say whatever they like, as long as they do not threaten violence or encourage anyone else to commit violence, should be inalienable.

Further, to give the purveyors of the status quo, any status quo, the power to qualify anything as “fake news” and to control the media (including social media) is a foolish notion. Human beings operate on the basis of incentives (check out Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt) and there aren’t many of us who would be able to stop ourselves from using the means available to us within the law for our own benefit, especially where those means allow you to easily silence your critics.

Money in Politics

We believe that money in politics and the corruption it causes is the number one thing holding back society from positive social and economic change.

Why Overton Window?

The term, “Overton Window” broadly defines the accepted political spectrum or collection of political ideas deemed acceptable (or non-radical) by the collective consciousness of any society at a given time.

This blog will seek to examine how this changes over time, which way the political landscape is tilting and why, as well as exploring cultural differences between each nation’s respective Overton Window.

Why Now?

As the late, great George Carlin put it, “the table is tilted folks, the game is rigged and nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care” and that apathy is down to a systemic flaw in the nature of the political party system in the UK, the US and elsewhere and the failure to modernise and insist upon a proper representative democracy, particularly with regards to funding. Ultimately, this blog wishes to expose truths and encourage debate in a more nuanced fashion when it comes to politics so that those things may someday change.


TOW takes inspiration from the Jimmy Dore Show, the Canary, Secular Talk (Kyle Kulinski), The Trews, Professor Mark Blyth, Yanis Varoufakis, Redacted Tonight and many more.

Bye for Now!

We are excited to post our first ‘proper’ article and hope to do so very soon – keep an eye out!


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